Moore & Van Allen Streamline Their Recruiting Process with Symplicity Recruit 

Who Is Moore & Van Allen and What Do They Do?

Moore & Van Allen is a full-service law firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina that serves a wide range of clients in various industries, including corporate, financial services, commercial real estate, health care, manufacturing, retail, individual wealth management, and technology.

Moore & Van Allen has over 400 lawyers and professionals in their company and hires roughly 20 summer associates every year for seasonal internships.  Since 2018, Moore & Van Allen has been making the most of Symplicity Recruit’s curated network of highly qualified law talent to find the right candidates for their summer associates program.


Finding an All-Encompassing Platform

As one of the largest firms in the Southeast of the United States, Moore & Van Allen looks for early talent who can bring a clear perspective to any legal challenge and find solutions in unexpected places. On average, Moore & Van Allen receives a few hundred applications for their summer internships through Symplicity Recruit, many of which turn into full-time interns the following summer. They aim to hire about 20 summer associates from law schools around the country to cater to their global clients in over 90 areas of focus. By being able to request, view, and manage interview schedules all in one location, Moore & Van Allen has been able to streamline their recruiting process, enabling them to save time on repetitive tasks and focus on finding the best law interns for the firm. 


Employers on the hunt for law talent can centrally manage the OCI process end-to-end with Symplicity Recruit, from schedule requests to interview packets to the integration of data with applicant tracking systems. They also benefit from Symplicity Recruit’s filterable resume database as well as AI technology which helps surface recommended candidates, all of which allows recruiters to remain proactive in their sourcing and extend their reach.



Extending the Talent Pool

Moore & Van Allen strongly believe that different perspectives enable them to serve their clients better and have a deep commitment to recruiting candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences. With over 130 law schools to choose from, Symplicity Recruit has enabled Moore & Van Allen to connect with a wide range of students that they might not have reached through traditional methods. 

Symplicity Recruit is committed to helping employers find the right candidates. The result for employers is a curated network of top-tier talent with diverse backgrounds ready for long-term career opportunities. Fill out the form below to schedule a demo.