Chartwell Law Uses Recruit to Quickly Find Top-Tier Talent 

Who Is Chartwell Law and What Do They Do?

As one of the fastest-growing law firms in the country, Chartwell Law has an increasing need to find quality candidates for open positions. Formed in 2002, Chartwell has 24 offices across the United States and over 350 employees, including attorneys, legal assistants, and paralegals. Their legal approach focuses on understanding, collaboration, communication, commitment, and DEI initiatives that lead to superior client services. Because Chartwell Law places importance on moral values, they’re always looking for students that are passionate about helping Chartwell Law achieve client objectives through partnership and communication. 


As a small HR team of four, Chartwell Law’s Director of People Operations needs to be able to work quickly and efficiently. Symplicity Recruit expedites the process by helping them satisfy their early-talent recruiting needs and connecting them with a network of more than 130 law schools. Although Chartwell Law continues to grow, the Great Resignation created challenges for them to find top-tier talent for available positions.


Finding Talent Post-Pandemic

With the need to work efficiently and hire attorneys across the U.S. for their offices, Chartwell Law turned to Symplicity Recruit to extend their reach. Using Simplicity for recruiting at schools has simplified the process for Chartwell Law. Recruiting for 24 offices across the country can become cumbersome. Being able to login to the Simplicity platform and submit job postings to multiple schools makes the recruiting process more efficient. This makes things much easier to manage and increases visibility among a diverse group of candidates passionate about opportunities.


In addition, while trying to meet the company's exponential growth, time to hire has been key. While Chartwell uses other popular job boards, Symplicity Recruit stood out for the speed at which students responded.

Although Chartwell recruits for all levels, their priority is finding candidates for their summer internships and associate programs. As an early talent recruiting platform partnering with the top 10 U.S. law schools, Symplicity Recruit exposes Chartwell Law to students from a variety of programs and diverse backgrounds. While Chartwell employs the help of different platforms, such as LinkedIn and Indeed to meet their recruiting goals, Symplicity Recruit remains their number one source for student engagement and fast results.

Improving Outcomes 

Since joining Symplicity Recruit two years ago, Chartwell has noticed a gradual increase in talent acquisition for positions posted. Given the competitive job market at the beginning of 2022, Chartwell was worried they wouldn’t be able to secure positions for their 2022 summer internship programs. By tapping into Symplicity Recruit’s network, they were able to hire four qualified candidates from different schools. This was a major success for Chartwell who hired two candidates found through Symplicity Recruit in 2021 and one in 2020. 

Symplicity Recruit is committed to helping employers find the right candidates. The result for employers is a curated network of top-tier talent with diverse backgrounds ready for long-term career opportunities. Fill out the form to the right to schedule a demo.